Before We Go (2015)

Starring: Chris Evans, Alice EvePlotline: Brooke needs to get home before it's too late, the problem with that is that home is in Boston and she's in New York.  Someone stole her purse and she broke her phone, with nothing left to do Nick enters the scene to save her life in a haphazardous way, but maybe, just maybe, they'll both find that something they're looking for.Review: I can't help it, I just love every movie Chris Evans is in.  I think he's an amazing actor, great director, probably an awesome guy, and has phenomenal fashion sense (ask my buddy Jeremy about the time we saw Push).  This movie is no exception.It's a pretty standard fare as far as romcoms go, hits every mark, the basic bumps in the road as well as all the right things happen at the right time.  I just.... liked it so much more because it had Chris Evans in it.I won't really go into the movie too in depth because it's really not a super interesting movie and has maybe 2 plot twists that you can see for a good couple of miles, but I still thought it was good.  The chemistry the two have is really good, punctuated by the fact they're really the only two on camera for 99% of the movie.  Takes a lot of really good acting and they pulled it all off well.It's a pretty basic ending that ends on as much of a high note as possible.  My biggest problem with the movie is they had more than one "playbacks" where they did something again in the movie. But god damned is Chris Evans as charming as hell and I'd marry him in a heart beat! Watch this movie if you like romcoms, I did and I don't regret it in the least.