The Maze Runner (2013)

Starring: some kids.Plot: Thomas gets thrown into a giant open area called the glade, but he doesn't remember anything leading up to that point. He meets a bunch of dudes and finds out he's in a giant maze that they can't get out of surrounded by traps and giant creatures called "grievers". But Thomas has different plans, he plans to get out.....Review: I watched the trailer for the sequel to this movie, "the scorch trials" and figured what the hell, I hate my life, may as well watch this and see what it's about, and let me tell you... I still don't know a single thing that it's about. So much so that during the movie (that I was watching alone) I often found myself asking questions out loud in hopes that someone was stalking me and could give me the answer. No dice though.The acting was pretty poor and it seemed like a really bad imitation of Lord of the flies, which has been done so many times before, so I wasn't a huge fan of it. The filming of it was half good, in the daytime it was really pretty and vibrant, but at night I had difficulty seeing things that weren't human. Which could have been the purpose, I'm not positive on that front.The grievers were like... Giant blobs with a mouth... I guess it would be as if a child plucked a monster from their minds. A big bulbous creature with no eyes that I saw and too much mouth, but also had mechanical legs to chase after people AND a mechanical stinger...The stinger! So there's multiple scenes in the movie where people discuss someone "being stung", and the the main dude Thomas says "by what?" One time, but never again. So it's a very difficult thing when they talk about being stung and I had no fucking clue what they were talking about until like....45 minutes into the movie.The movie was also decently predictable in, well, every way. It's a group of young men, so naturally when a girl comes in you know the movie is hitting its peak, hell they even tell you that in the movie! There's a little fat kid with the group that befriends the main guy a bit, so he dies very predictably. The only part of the movie that confused me was the very end when one of the guys in "the glade" meets up with the Heroes of the movie, but they don't say how he got there. He passed through all the ordeals, got through the giant maze he's never been through, hit a combination for a lock he didn't know and made it through decently unscathed. Fuck I hate my life during this movie.You find out they're all being used to attempt to find a cure for some global genocide that only affects people who are older than they are or something? And the woman who put them through this maze is dead, but you find out she's not and it was all part of their plan. Jesus.I mean... Maybe watch this movie? It wasn't completely awful, just pretty mundane and dumb. Your call, I did it because the trailer for the second one looks kinda cool, but I imagine I am going to get into a car accident on my way home from watching it so that I don't have to watch the third one. Patrick out.