Gotham "Damned If You Do..."

Gotham comes back with a bang after a shaky (though charming) freshman season. We pick up right where we left off as Bruce and Alfred discover a secret cave in Wayne Manor. We jump forward a month where we find Jim Gordon demoted to traffic cop. After an altercation with his slobbish partner, Jim is fired. This gives us the main story for this episode as Jim is forced to decide if it is worth compromising his integrity to get his job back by doing a favour for the Penguin.Penguin channeling his inner JoffreyBen Mckenzie has really come into his own as young Jim Gordon and this episode does a great job showcasing what a dynamic and exciting character Jim has become. He's an action hero with a heart of gold and a crazy streak a mile wide. He's the hero Gotham needs, whether it wants him or not. Seeing him grapple with leaving Gotham is an interesting dilemma, as its tough to say what the right decision is. The show is dealing in shades of grey that isn't always seen on network TV. This is the sort of thing that helps elevate Gotham beyond simply being a crime show into a must-see exploration of the history of Gotham City. Not to spoil too much, but the start of the season puts Jim in a very interesting position and really pushes the character farther than I was expecting.Traffic Cop Variant JimMeanwhile, we join Barbara in Arkham Asylum where she meets some faces familiar to us: Jerome and Sionis (aka maybe-joker and proto-black mask). These scenes are so fun and energetic that it is mind-boggling that they didn't think to introduce an Arkham storyline last season. We also meet a new villain for the season: Dr. Theo Galavan. He seems to be engineering psychopaths into villains, which is an interesting idea and a unique one in the history of Gotham (as far as I know). I always like anything that cancels out the idea that the existence of Batman caused all of the villains.Galavan: father of Supervillainy?Last season, the show teetered between being a boring crime show and a Batman show without Batman. I feel that the show really needs to forge new ground in order to make a show that deals with the early days of Gotham interesting and this episode did a great job of that. Characters make interesting choices, the weirdness factor has been cranked up to eleven, and the show runners have promised a greater emphasis on villains. All of these factors give me great hope for the upcoming season.I think they want us to see them as Joker and Harley, but I'm not sureSide-notes:-Zsazs taking that guys head out from behind the corner is my favorite moment of the show so far-Lee is dead for sure right? Guess she'll never be Bruce's surrogate mom-I think Jerome is a red herring Joker, but Barbara has a decent chance at being Harley-Not sure how I feel about Riddler having a split personality. It was performed well but felt cliched.