Blindspot - "Pilot"

You know that feeling when you are about halfway through watching a movie and you realize that you've seen it before? That's how I felt watching the first episode of Blindspot.BLINDSPOT -- "Pilot" --  Pictured: Jamie Alexander as Jane Doe -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)Blindspot stars Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, an amnesiac woman who wakes up in a duffel bag in Times Square covered in tattoos. The FBI team that recovers her quickly discovers that she has some interesting abilities, such as speaking a very rare Chinese dialect and being an absolute badass in a fight with two dudes.blindspot-02Now your probably saying "hold on Zach, that sounds exactly like the Bourne Identity" and it is! There is an attempt to change things up by covering her in tattoos that are clues leading to bad guys, which will presumably be how the team finds their case of the week. This week was a convoluted story about a Chinese immigrant trying to blow up the Statue of Liberty. I understand that the mystery in the first episode of this type of show will often fall to the wayside because they need to set up the premise of the show, but even so this really failed to capture my attention.blindspot-trailerMy biggest criticism for Blindspot would be a lack of logic. It's the kind of show that makes you say things like "are there no cops in New York" or "I'm pretty sure that if there was a bomb threat at the Statue of Liberty the government would send more than three agents and a woman with amnesia." The main plot of the episode can only be described as lazy, almost as if they want to rush through it to get to the overarching story.I will say that I thought Jaimie Alexander did an excellent job and the few actions scenes were quite well done. But if things don't pick up soon I really will be "Blind" to this "Spot" (of TV) cause I won't be watching it. (Nailed It!)