That Awkward Moment (2014)

Cast: Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles TellerReview:  I really wanted to watch We are your Friends, but it was apparently only in theatres for like two weeks and I worked a lot recently, so in lieu of that I decided to watch an older Zac Efron movie called That awkward Moment, a movie about three guys who all fall in love separately, unbeknownst to themselves and maybe a bit against their will.I'd like to make it known that the only reason I watched this movie was for Zac Efron.  I really like him and I am so excited for the day he breaks out into "adult" acting again.  He's done adult movies before, he was great in Charlie St. Cloud, but then seemingly regressed into the "bro" movie.  So I watch whatever I can with him in it, because I see a spark of greatness, a man that deserves to be at the top. It's not that I dislike Jordan or Teller (despite their reunion in one of the worst movies of 2015), just don't think either one of them has that it factor that Efron brings to the table.zacefronSo I went into this movie knowing a bit about it, believing it to be a cheesy romcom about 3 idiots who get lucky.  I was 100% right, but man did I love it nonetheless.  I think I love a romcom because I love the idea of having myself in that situation with the one I want in life, putting myself on the line and getting the girl in the end.  I'm not as lucky in love as others, so it's nice to see something like a romcom where even the biggest of losers, assholes, jocks and douchebags can find a way to surpass their own selves and get happy.UnknownEfron didn't disappoint, he's a funny guy who knows his craft well for someone as young as he is and, let's face it, he's really damned attractive.  I would say certainly more than Jordan and waaaaay more than Teller, who seems to be of the "I'm ok looking, so hit them with the I think I'm super hot shit" technique, which works well for him.I know the movie is decently old, so I won't waste time by talking about the plot line or lack there of, but I can just say that this was a nice quaint movie that made me feel really good, then sad for what I would say is not long enough, then really good again.  I say not long enough for the sadness solely based on the fact that romcoms need time to have the viewer be sympathetic with the actors, and this one didn't give nearly as much time as it should have.  The moment when they all stop being friends to the moment they're all friends again is like... 10 minutes tops, which sucks.  A good 20 minutes or half hour of seeing how losing your friends, losing the woman you love can adversely affect your life would have made this much better.I dunno, I mean... if you like cheese romance and pretty boys who win in the end, I'd say watch it, it's a fun little movie and had at least 3 laugh out loud moments for me.