Caddyshack: Uber Comedy?

So I rewetted Caddyshack for maybe the dozenth time over the past couple days.  I love this movie more and more every time I watch it. It's a pretty straight forward movie about a country club that's filled with snobby assholes and hilarious caddies.  Crazy antics ensue.  Despite the fact that it isn't the first raunchy comedy (Meatballs came out a year before, and Animal House in 1978), I think this movie realistically is the best one to me for a couple of reasons:The first being that this movie holds up better.  I wouldn't say that it's relevant to the world nowadays, as it's 35 years old, but it has beats that stay consistently funny throughout that other miss.  Meatballs has more or less fallen on deaf ears for people as of late, and despite the fact I am a huge proponent of Animal House, and love John Belushi more than a human male of my age should, even it gets real boring and needs to be watched at the right time, but Caddyshack... this movie can be watched on the reg and still be funny on so many levels.the second is the more than amazing ensemble cast that just blows me away.  Chevy Chase, Bill and Brian Doyle Murray, Rodney Dangerfield were the big 4 comedians in the movie and these four blow me away on a consistent basis.  The unscripted acting and improv done by Chase and the younger Murray is something that can't be topped for me.Third is the influence it has had.  If you look at the Kevin Nealon character from Happy Gilmore, he is Ty Webb to a T (pardon the pun), and Shooter McGavin is pretty well Judge Smails as well.  I suppose it's not fair to say that this movie influenced comedy movies as it has three of the most well known comedians/comedic actors of all time in it.The least important reason that I think this movie is better, albeit a decently important one, is that it was so good it created the want for a sequel.  I realize meatballs did as well, and a lot of them, but this sequel was actually not even THAT bad in comparison.  Meatballs 2 through 4 were forgettable at best, whereas Caddyshack 2 was... still technically funny, even with the sub par characters that took over for everyone in the first.I don't know, I just love Caddyshack.  I think it's great and you should too.