CBGB (2013)

Starring:  Alan Rickman, Rupert Grint, Donal Logue, Malin Akerman, Justin Bartha, Johnny Galecki, Estelle Harris, Joel David Moore, Freddy Rodriguez, Taylor Hawkins, Ryan HurstPlot:  The most iconic club in punk rock history wasn't always iconic.  It was once a shit hole.  This is that shit holes story.cbgb-Hilly-in-CBGB-doorway-night-photo-by-Beau-Giann-IMG_4613_rgbReview:  I love this movie.  I will go as far as to say that I think this is my favourite movie of 2013, which says a bit as SnowPiercer came out in 2013 and that movie just rocked my world.Alan Rickman plays Hilly Cristal, the creator of the club CBGB and he is the best loveable loser in this movie.  He gives a great performance, tries his best to give every part of himself to everyone else and wants to make everyone succeed and be happy.  Does it expertly, which is to be expected as he's an amazing actor, but this one hit home for me as I love the music that this movie and club were based around.He starts the club as a Country bar in the Bowery district of New York City, because no one would listen to the noise complaints.  Excited for a first band, we meet Terry Ork and a young band named Television who "play some country and bluegrass".  Upon an audition, Rickman walks outside and looks at the awning of his building and says "we're gonna have to change the name of this bar."  Add OMFUG and the bar started to bloom.Talking HeadsQuick cameos of other bands auditioning and the bar growing and growing set the scene for something huge.  The first huge thing to explode is a young Debbie Harry, played by the dynamite Malin Akerman, and the even then old looking "originator of the stage dive" Iggy Pop, played by the Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins.20130404-cbgb-akerman-hawkins-624x420-1365089193After that we meet The Dead Boys, Stiv Bators and bassist Cheetah Chrome played by Justin Bartha and Rupert Grint respectively, a band known for having the lead singer choke himself with the microphone cord and break bottles to cut himself. Sounds like they should have been called the Jolly Boys.maxresdefaultThen The Ramones make and appearance with Joel David Moore playing Joey.RamonesAt the end of the movie we have a gentleman named Keene McRae playing a VERY young and little known rocker named Sting.StingThe movie itself wasn't truthfully anything amazing, but the casting in it and the look of the characters, as well as the music were all stellar.It wasn't much of a movie for plot twists at all, because it was mostly a rockumentary, and most people who know the scene and the club know all the beats it hit, but it was just real good to see all of these people, some of which are dead, some of which are none entities in the scene and some of which who are still front runners on the punk rock scene.My only issue with the movie is that the actors don't do the singing themselves, but that's not too much of a bother because I like the original songs so much that they don't need to be redone.If you love music and want to see some real good casting into real difficult roles, watch this movie.  If you love punk rock watch this movie.  If you love Alan Rickman watch this movie... just watch this movie.