American Ultra (2015)

Starring:  Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, John Leguizamo, Topher Grace, Bill Pullman, Walter GogginsPlotline:  Eisenberg plays a stoner who has anxiety and can't leave town.  Stewart plays his stoner girlfriend who is madly in love with the loveable loser that is Eisenberg, but she doesn't know that he has a secret.  The plot twist is... he doesn't know either.  He is a C.I.A. weapon bred to install fear and kill.... but it got speed bumped by marijuana.  Topher Grace is going to eliminate Eisenberg and won't take no for an answer.Review:  This movie was a lot better than I anticipated it to be, but I didn't expect much to be fair.  I expected it to be a real dumb stoner comedy that involved a lot of unnecessary blood.  What I got was a semi dumb stoner comedy/drama that involved a lot of unnecessary blood.american-ultra-trailer-jesse-eisenberg-kristen-stewartI really like Jesse Eisenberg, so I try to give every movie that he's in a chance and he didn't really disappoint, except he wasn't really given a character to grow, which sucks.  I'm not a fan of Kristen Stewart, but she was given a role that seemed almost perfect for her, which is cool. I like Topher Grace and I think he needs to be in more movies all of the time.  For my money, he's the best thing that came out of "That 70's Show", with the exception of Laura Prepon's body. imagesIn my experience, stoner comedies are usually pretty funny and not exceptionally good at focusing on action scenes because the characters are not in the best of shape (similar to the Rogen/Franco combo from Pineapple Express), and I haven't really seen a stoner drama ever in my life, nor have I seen a stoner action movie.  So this movie that tried to do all three of those things was really tough for me to get through, because I thought that it kind of forgot what it was a couple times throughout the movie.  It went from comedic to serious to action to serious far more than I think it should have and, to me anyways, that took away from the experience.People who know me know I enjoy a good horror movie, I think they're great and the right amount of blood adds to most scenes real well, but violence and gore for the sake of either is just pointless to me.  A decent amount of blood in this movie and violence that wasn't really needed hurt it also.The two best scenes in the movie to me, were both at the very end of the movie.  Eisenberg is in a Wal*Mart type store trying to save his girlfriend from the CIA, he sets off a bunch of fireworks and there's a lot of smoke in the store.  He walks out of the smoke and sees her, then some dialogue and he fades back into the fog to start a big denouement for the movie.  I thought this scene was done really well and I think that a lot of the action could have been replaced with stuff like this and make it more of a "Shadow of a man" doing these things rather than showing everything that he does.The second scene is after this big fight scene where Eisenberg and a beaten to shit Walter Goggins (Who I didn't discuss earlier because he wasn't as much a character as he was a nothing up until this point to me) are basically laying across from one another in the aisle of the store, Goggins asks Eisenberg who told him to do all this stuff.  The reply is no one did, no one tells me to do anything.  Goggins pulls the line of the movie out in a despondent voice and says "must be nice", then the scene fades away and Goggins dies.  But he doesn't die, they come back to the scene and he's just gone.  So he left and Eisenberg let him go. I liked this scene a lot because it was done real well, Goggins plays the loveable loser quite well and I do believe he could easily be a psycho.In the end, I mean.... see it if you want.  It's not bad and it's entertaining, but it's not really a great movie.  Forgettable in our super hero a day movie world.