Zach's Ant-Man Review

I finally got around to seeing Ant-Man and liked it so much that I figured it was worth posting some of my thoughts about it.ant1Right off the bat, this is the first superhero movie to really focus on the superpowers of the main character and how seemingly simple powers can be used in a creative way. The shrinking and ant communication scenes are really the backbone of the movie and I thought that they were handled incredibly well. In a movie like Iron Man, Thor or Captain America, the heroes have standard combat powers like strength, speed and defense. Scott Lang, on the other hand, has to use how to use his powers skillfully in order to be an effective threat. I think the movie does a great job of showing how someone with Ant-Man's skills set could be a force to be reckoned with, and I was glad to see that they took the character so seriously. Scenes with Scott shrinking and growing at will were very exciting and gave a unique flavor to the action scenes.ant2Paul Rudd really gives a great performance, as does Michael Douglas. As someone who is familiar with Ant-man'a history but is by no means a die-hard Ant-fan (you can have that for free marvel), I wasn't too concerned by the fact that they skipped over Hank Pym and went straight to Scott Lang. I did like how Douglas portrayed Pym as a genius who used the ant communication device rather than shrinking. It was a good way to show the character is not someone to be messed with without taking any focus away from Scott. He reminded me of Old Man Bruce from Batman Beyond. His relationship with Hope and the glimpses of his past that we see feel very true to the core of who Hank Pym is: a brilliant but incredibly flawed man.ant3The character of Scott Lang borders on being underwritten, but Rudd brings enough charm an emotion to the role that might actually be my favorite hero in the Marvel Movies. He is relatable, funny and really just comes across as a genuinely decent guy. The actress that plays his daughter Cassie is very cute and the scenes between the two of them would melt even a Frost Giants heart (get it? Cause... marvel). Rudd is the classic everyman, and the marvel universe is sorely missing a regular guy. I can just imagine Rudd's reaction to seeing Rocket Raccoon or Thanos for the first time.ant4SPOILER WARNINGMy absolute favorite part of the movie was the fight between Ant-Man and Falcon. Scott has to break into the New Avengers Facility and who should show up to stop him but Falcon. This scene is the most cohesive that the movie universe has ever felt to me. It makes sense why these two characters meet, they interact in a meaningful way and their interaction opens the door for more interactions down the line. Compare this to the jammed in pool scene in Ultron or the Nick Fury subplot that was the middle hour of Iron Man 2. Not to mention that is was maybe the best fight in the Marvel Movies so far.END SPOILERSant5I loved the movie and would go see it again. My only complaint is that there are no twists or turns in the storyline, everything plays out exactly like you think it will. The journey is an awful lot of fun though and I hope we see Ant-Man 2 get confirmed before too long.