The Unsung Heroes of Hollywood: Part 2

 14498-20850You've seen him in so many movies, so many tv shows, but you don't even really know his name, nor know the massive amounts of movies he's been in.  His name guys, is James Remar.  He played Ajax in the cult classic of The Warriors, he was Harry Morgan in tv's Dexter, he even had a sweet role playing Larousse in Disney's Ratatouille. James Remar's movie career started in 1978 at the age of 25.  That was close to forty years ago and he hasn't really stopped since.  He has 152 credits to his name, many of which you wouldn't even know because he's very seamless and a great character actor despite having a pretty recognizable face and voice.Along with the article Tim wrote, I think that Remar plays a main role in Hollywood itself, being a backbone actor and making movies more fleshed out and genuinely enjoyed.  So let's get into some of his roles and see the things he's done.As I said earlier, he plays Ajax in The Warriors, made in 1979 about a gang that gets framed for killing a main rival gang leader and they have to survive the night to get back to their turf.  The movie itself wasn't really anything special at the time, but rose to fame with every other viewing that people would give it.  The big scene that people remember is that really annoying guy clanking bottles together extolling "Warriors, come out to playyyyeeeeeayyyyyyyyy" for like 3 minutes.  The scene was completely ad-libbed and has been used in to many other movies it's amazing.the-warriors-lutherAlongside this movie, he's played off of Eddie Murphy (don't worry, the good Eddie Murphy) in  48 hrs, Was in a really good movie starring Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd and Peter Boyle called The Dream Team, played against the likes of Timothy Olyphant and Emile Hirsch in The Girl Next Door, and last, but certainly not least, he got to act against Hollywood's most favourite son Billy Zane in The Phantom.3628.0.570.359In cartoons he got to be in Disney's Ratatouille as I said, which was a huge success in the world of animation.  On top of that he was in three separate Batman cartoons, playing the characters Two Face,  Black Mask and the Silver Monkey.  He played Vilgax in two different Ben-10 runs, and while I didn't watch the show, the same dude got 3 different shows, so it had to at least be popular. His biggest stint (In my humble opinion) was playing the role of Tonraq in Avatar: The Legend of Korra, which didn't spark as much popularity as its predecessor The Last Airbender, but was still a pretty awesome show.Tonraq_opposing_UnalaqIn tv, Remar was in so much.  I didn't even realize so many of these for the longest time, but he was in Sex and the City, a short running show called Northshore, played in Battlestar: Galactica,  Grey's Anatomy and Jericho.  His big one was playing a guy by the name of Harry Morgan on the hit murder/drama/crime show Dexter. I never watched it myself, but a lot of people tell me it's really good.18671059.jpg-r_640_600-b_1_D6D6D6-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxxI know I didn't even come close to doing Remar justice, but I really think he's an amazing actor and I enjoy watching everything I see him in.... well, mostly.  I didn't get into  Mortal Kombat: Annihilation for a reason.  I have linked his wikipedia page below so you can see everything he was in and just how much time and effort he dedicates to his craft.  Check it out if you like.