The Unsung Heroes Of Hollywood: James Remar Bonus Round

The Hicks that never wasDid you know that James Remar was originally cast in the role of Hicks in James Cameron's Aliens? He even shot a few weeks worth of footage and a shot of him remains in the film as the marines enter the Alien hive. The sequence was a fairly complicated action set piece and it would have been too expensive to reshoot the scene with Michael Biehn, who replaced Remar. Instead they only used shots of Remar from behind and cut away before his face was shown.So what was the reason for replacing him? This was a mystery for many years as all parties involved would only cite "creative differences" when asked. It wasn't until recently that Remar himself revealed the reason: he had been busted with possession of drugs during filming and was promptly fired.Just a fun bit of trivia that I thought I'd add about James Remar. One can't help but wonder it he wouldn't have been so unsung had he managed to hang on to the role of Hicks