Netflix When You're Bored V. 2

 Bored this week and wanna watch some movies?  Here's a list that could help you out! 1.) Hercules (2014):  I didn't like this movie at all, because I love me some Greek mythology, but I know a lot of people really enjoyed it, so I try to get people to give their own opinions of things.  A big cast with the Rock, John Hurt, and Ian McShane being in the forefront, it was entertaining and it is really nice to see the Rock be a shitty action star and not try to be "serious Rock" every once in a while.2.)  Maverick (1994):  Man, I love this movie.  James Garner in a movie about a show that James Garner once starred in?!  Throw in a Mel Gibson and a Jodie Foster and you have yourself a hilarious movie that is filled with sweet action and good acting. James Coburn makes the acting so much better, and Alfred Molina adds a nice character as a greasy villain.  Who thought playing cards in the wild west would be this fun?!3.) The Terminator (1984):  In lieu of the new Terminator movie that just came out (Wait, did I write a review of it?), I thought why not watch the original movie?  I did and it is fucking great. Blows all others out of the water.  I know a lot of people love T-2, but this movie is just... so raw and amazing.  It was before Arnold became super big and he made the movie so he could get famous, not get paid 10 million dollars to say 94 words.  He was so huge and so scary that I am still shocked that he even lost in this movie.  John Connor shouldn't have won.  Skynet forever guys!4.) Nightcrawler (2014):  If you haven't seen this movie yet, stop reading this and just go.  I hated Jake Gyllenhaal for the longest time (except Bubbleboy, that cracks me up), but I toughed through it and watched Nightcrawler... Jesus, he's a good actor.  He throws himself into every role and certainly doesn't leave anything off the table.  I am willing to give every movie of his a chance because he's just so damned good.  Are you still reading this?  What for, go watch it!5.) Employee of the Month (2006):  Rom coms are my favourite.  Everyone knows this about me. I love to throw myself into them and just... fucking love them.  But when this movie came out in 2006 I was skeptical because Dane Cook wasn't (isn't) an actor, Jessica Simpson wasn't (isn't) an actress and Dax Shepard wasn't (isn't) really the type to be able to carry a movie on his own, but I watched it anyways and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.  I mean, it was pretty predictable and poor at times, but I thought Cook and Shepard played off each other surprisingly well. Simpson was... there and not entirely awful, but it didn't matter, because it wasn't about "the guy getting the girl", it was about the competition between the two guys.  They could have ended up being gay and leaving her out of it and I'd have been fine, because they worked well together.  It's not Serendipity or Bridget Jones' Diary, but it can't be.  It is what it is, and that's pretty ok. Shepard plays serious guy really well considering the pap he was given.  "This is an 81 Honda, how dare you!" I hope some of these will fix your boredom throughout the week.  Feel free to comment, or if you have a movie you think I should watch, let me know.