Why "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." May Be The Sleeper Hit Of The Year

Hey guys, this is just a little piece I'm writing, giving my thoughts about a movie that I am very excited for. Henry Cavill alongside Armie Hammer star in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.", a reboot of a spy tv show from the 1960's. Only airing for 4 years, the show wasn't on for a very long time, but had a pretty good following of fans.  Being created into the cinematic universe fifty years later isn't an easy task, especially with all the world drama that exists surrounding bombing and war these days.If we take a look at the movies we have seen so far and the movies that we have yet to see this year, I think this one could very well rank in the top ten of "big movies" for the year.  Let's get into the ones we've seen already.1.) Furious 7 was not a bad movie, but at the same time you could tell that no one was ready to step into the Paul Walker role just yet, so it really turned into the Vin Diesel show.  That may not bother a lot of people but,  for people that paid attention, you could tell that the movie lacked in a lot of areas, especially if they have Vin Diesel playing the Hero, heavy, talker, inspiration, and asshole.  He's going to take on too much.  For me it's more the direction the movies will go form here on in, not where they've been.2.) Avengers: Age of Ultron was really fun and the characters had grown around each other a lot, but it still had a lot of problems.  The weird love connection between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanov was really stretching a lot of borders, made really dumb to me when she was talking about the red room forcing her to have a surgery so that she can't have kids. "Do you think you're the only monster amongst the team Bruce?" I understand that she's a monster, but he's the fucking Incredible Hulk... He's the only monster on the team.  He also couldn't really fulfill a lot of... female needs.  He hulks out while trying to copulate and she would literally die. A lot of people are finally realizing that the "next marvel movie" is just a step towards "the next marvel movie" and that bothers them.  I don't see how personally, it's a shared universe and they all are supposed to do this, but to each their own.  I think the big frustration a lot of people have is the reveal of Thanos in Avengers 1 and then just not having him for 6 years.3.) Terminator: Genisys was problematic.  It basically shit on the T1 and T2 making them obsolete, which sucks.  A fun movie again, it just won't stand on it's own two feet for long and will have too many people saying that it won't be good enough to bring a franchise back from the dead.  Arnold looks really good in it though, and the chick that plays Sarah Connor looks way better than she does in Game of Thrones.4.) Inside Out. I haven't seen this movie yet, so I can't really talk about it, but Pixar movies are held into a class of their own, so it's a really tough call.  Is it going to be great?  For sure, but Pixar makes better movies than damn near anyone and it's a cartoon, which loses credibility with a lot of people pretty quickly sadly.5.) Fifty Shades of Grey sucked.  It wasn't a good movie and even a lot of the mommies that it was made for will agree.  The book series blew up the world, but that was because it left so much to the imagination and the visuals were basically whatever the reader wanted.  The movie was... at least a full pair of handcuffs short of that.  Having a book be so successful and then telling people what they're supposed to see is tough and it was a good try, but let's be honest people.6.) Mad Max: Fury Road was way better than people thought it would be, an awesome throwback to a bygone era of movies where action movies were just action movies and both women and men could fuck people up at the same time.  I don't really have anything negative to say about this movie, more than one movie can get lime light.7.) Jurassic World... shouldn't have been the biggest movie of all time, and while it's irrelevant that it is for the next 5 months, not the point.  This movie was a mess and the more I hear about it the more angry I get.  Chris Pratt is a funny guy, he's a good actor and he's attractive (Good enough for Anna Faris, good enough for me), but he can't carry a movie like this.  Oh, he had Bryce Dallas Howard, the girl from Spiderman 3, the Help and The Village standing valiantly next to him in her hells though.  She was half a character at the best of times, and the acting she did was worse than the acting I would tell my mom when I'd steal cookies from the kitchen "But... but mom, it wasn't me.  I don't know how these cookie crumbs got in my mouth." The only good things about this movie were seeing dinosaurs again and the WAY over the top acting of Vincent D'OnofrioSome really big movies, but really only two movies that would be even close to being anything on a grand scale.  Inside out and Mad Max will likely be pretty impressive for years to come.Now to movies we haven't seen yet....1.) SouthPaw looks really good, but we haven't had a really amazing sports movie for a while sadly.  Foxcatcher was great, served a better fate than it got, and this will probably receive the same fate sadly.2.) Ant-Man should have the same fate as Avengers, but will be not as big, nor as good. I'm very curious to see how Rudd does in a huge role like this, I hope he embraces it well.3.) Legend is a Tom Hardy starring movie about twin English mobsters in the early twentieth century and it looks great, I  hope for the the best.4.) Fantastic 4 looks far from Fantastic yet, but maybe I'll be surprised.5.) Star Wars: the Force unleashed will be the biggest movie of all time as long as it's even an ok movie.  If it's a great movie, 100 million dollar Friday, a feat never before been done by a movie.  It will shatter records and with Disney behind the wheel bring a franchise to the front of the pack for years to come.6.) Point Break remake.... Go fuck yourself. So that leaves us with The man from u.n.c.l.e. This movie, while starring Henry Cavill, doesn't have an abundance of star power behind it. "But Armie Hammer was in The Lone Ranger!" Great, a movie that drove a wedge between Disney and Gore Verbinksi, the man who brought us the original Pirate os the Caribbean trilogy to the point that he basically got fired from them... sweet. Regardless, Hammer isn't an A lister yet, but he has time and to me, this means that the people who made TMFUNCLE went for actors that fit the role, not actors to refit the role.  Which means a lot, because they could easily have gotten Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt to be in this, but they didn't.Another huge reason for me is that it's a era piece, similar to Legend (albeit from a different era), which if done well is super awesome and entertaining.I would say the biggest reason I think this movie is going to do very well is that it looks, wait for it, FUN. The trailer for this movie looks like it's funny and action packed and sexy and so many other things, which is so fantastic.  Sure, Mad Max was a cool movie, and Ant-Man has that hilarious Thomas the train (is that what he's called?) scene, but this movie just looks unabashedly fun. Inside out is a movie for kids, with a lot of undertone for parents like all Disney/Pixar movies, but this... I can't put into words how excited I am for this movie.  Maybe it's because it's around my birthday, or maybe this movie will surprise a lot of people and just kick a lot of ass all around town. Just some food for thought from your favourite caped ginger.