True Detective - "Night Finds You"

The plot thickens as we learn more about the "town" of Vinci, Frank's feelings on water stains and whether or not Taylor Kitsch talks about the desert. Unlike last week this will be a spoiler filled review, so buckle in and always remember: time is a flat circle.tec21As I mentioned earlier, Frank (Vaughn) opens the episode talking about his father and the time he got arrested and left little Frankie locked in the basement without any food for almost a week. It's a very interesting idea that touches on the idea of a life have a defining moment that informs everything that you do. To relate back to the first season, this time in the cellar was like his first encounter with the Yellow King. It was so meaningful to who he has become that it is timeless to him; even knowing that it once happened to him makes him feel as if it is always happening. Perhaps this is why he has gone to such strides to leave his lower class past behind him. Initially Frank seemed more well adjusted that the other leads, but we can now see that he also feels as if he is wearing a mask, perhaps more than anyone else. The water stain shows him that his life of glamour and his life of rats are the same life, no matter how hard he tries to forget the rats.tec22Next, we get what seems to be the set-up for the season: the state is attempting to launch an inquiry into the incredibly corrupt town of Vinci. Paul and Ani (Kitsch and McAdams) are told by their respective jurisdictions to investigate Vinci while working the murder and Ray (Ferral) is told to keep the out of towners away from anything that incriminates them. Meanwhile, Frank discovers that Caspere, the man everyone is investigating, died with all of Frank's money before he could invest in the upcoming land deal. Frank is forced to join in and try to figure our what happened for himself.The sleaziest mayor is historyThe set-up here seems very neo-noir, and really reminds me of Chinatown, LA Confidential and the game by Rockstar, LA Noire. The leads all give strong performances, as expected, and I feel as if the story unfolded at an excellent pace this episode. Ray and Ani begin to form a sort of respect as try work the case and discover that Caspere was in therapy. As they interview the owner he mentions that he had met Ari earlier at some sort of compound run by her guru father called "The Good People". Ari is clearly traumatized by whatever happened to her there and she tells Ray that she chooses to arm herself because a woman can be easily overpowered by a man. This seems to verify her father'a comments about we hatred for men from last episode, but it also seems as if he is refusing to take any of the blame for that trauma.Cyber Ken Cosgrove for True Detective Season 3The relationship between a child and parent appears to be one of the main themes for this season, as we meet Paul's Oedipal mother this episode, as well as the mother of Ray's son. Ray is really chewed out by his wife for traumatizing their son, and it is tough to argue with her. Frank was certainly hurt by having a bad father, but it also seems to be what motivates him to achieve the heights that he does. The same can be said of Ari, who seems consumed by her past. Does trauma lead to greatness, or simply brokenness?*Paul Walker Song plays*Ray never gets the chance to answer any of these questions, as he investigates one of Caspere's hookup places for Frank and gets double tapped by Birdface. Curious to see if we will pick up with his son again or not after this. It was a great surprise and hopefully will kick this season into high gear.