Netflix When You're Bored V. 1

I'm just throwing out some cool netflix titles for people to watch if you're bored, something to do this week other than pine over the loss of John Snow and sit in the heat... well, you'd be sitting in the heat, but you could be watching something fun at least.Welcome-to-the-Punch-poster-21.) Welcome to the Punch.  James McAvoy plays a cop who missed his one big haul, play by Mark Strong.  Some years after being in hiding, Strong returns after the death of his son and to find out who, but McAvoy wants to catch him red handed. Pretty good movie, nothing too out of the ordinary with it, but if it wasn't for the accents would be forgettable. Worth watching because McAvoy and Strong are both awesome. Unknown2.) Grandma's Boy. This movie is a Happy Madison production that doesn't really involve Adan Sandler at all, so it's actually pretty funny.  About a video game designer who falls on his face and has to move in with his grandmother.  Reason worth watching number 1?  Linda Cardellini is a fox in this movie. Unknown13. Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A huge throwback movie from 1987 with Steve Martin and the deceased John Candy.  This movie is hilarious and has a couple sad moments later on in the movie.  Anything with John Candy is great, I just thought this one was deserving because his playing off Steve Martin is phenomenal.  Reason worth watching number 1? John Candy.  Number 2?  The car getting caught between the semi trucks scene is amazing. Dead_silence4. Dead Silence. This is a pretty good horror movie, considering that it is based about the ghost of a ventriloquist.  Not to be confused with the shitty movie about that called "The triliquist", this has some good jumps and the dolls are super fucking creepy. Reason worth watching number 1? Solid horror movie.  Number 2? There's a scene later in the movie where the director pays homage to the doll from the Saw movies, try to find it! Just a couple ways to whittle away your day, and if you have any suggestions for a movie for me to watch, throw it back at me!