Deadshot: Beginnings

Floyd Lawton, better known as Deadshot, is a character that seems poised to become an A-list character. If the Will Smith/David Ayer version can capture some of the complexity, depth and tragedy of this 4 issue miniseries written by John Ostrander, then Deadshot is going to be very popular after the movie comes out.Love that they kept the full face mask for the movieSet in the middle of his legendary Suicide Squad run, in which Floyd was a major character, Beginnings serves as a recap of Deadshot's origin and as a character study of how Floyd developed his warped worldview. After his son from another life is kidnapped, Deadshot is told that the only way to guarantee his safety is to complete a job he walked away from years ago.dead2What seems like a standard set-up for an action-revenge tale quickly devolves into an ultra-violent descent into the mind of a person who gave up on living a long time ago. Lawton shows so little regard for both his own safety and the safety of his son that it is almost impossible to root for him, despite the fact that everyone he is after is truly despicable. Running counter to Floyd's story, one if the psychiatrists from Belle Reve Prison is attempting to dig into Deadshot's past and as we discover more the audience is force to question whether Deadshot is a good man or a bad one. The story provides no easy answers and, without giving anything away, the ending is far from happy.Not your standard hero.Ostrander walks a fine line between realistic and superhero fiction, as the story feels realistic without ever becoming a straight crime story. Floyd wears the Deadshot outfit for most of the story as a way to avoid dealing with the reality of what is happening to him. I thought this was a really unique twist on a superhero story and actually reminded me of a superhero movie that I really like: James Gunn's "Super". It is a very grounded take on the story of a man going crazy and putting on a mask to deal with the world, while still embracing the more outlandish superhero action.dead3I thoroughly enjoyed this series and would love to see parts of it adapted for the upcoming Suicide Squad or even an R-rated Deadshot solo movie somewhere down the line. (a guy can dream).