Adam Sandler: A... Two Trick Pony?

So i was rolling through Netflix the other day and stumbled upon the new Adam Sandler movie "The Cobbler", where he plays a guy who has a magical shoe machine that turns him into the people whose shoes he's wearing.  I gritted my teeth and hit play, only to find out that... I didn't hate it.  Spurred me into thinking about the other Adam Sandler movies that aren't Grown ups, and how Adam Sandler once had talent and throws himself into it on a very rare occasion.  I haven't seen every movie he's ever made, but I've certainly seen a lot of them and just when we all thought we would get sick of his Schtick of being Billy Madison for 7 years, he played a swerve on us and showed everyone that he was sort of a real actor when he did Punch Drunk Love.  I watched it when I was very young mentally and a lot of it was lost on me, but upon revisiting this movie, it's really pretty good and shows that Sandler, while playing to a lot of the same beats, can be something different.I was shocked by this, because I wasn't really truly sick of his classic roles of being a mentally deficient guy who somehow gets the girl while being an asshole to everyone he knows.  While I like the roles he had chosen, he in and around the same time went down a pretty rough path for his career, doing such... interesting movies as The Waterboy and Little Nicky, two movies that hurt him a lot in the long run.  But this was a new Sandler, a wave of things to come! He then got cast in Mr. Deeds alongside John Tuturro, who stole the movie, albeit a really shitty movie.  You could see around this time that he was starting to stoke the flame of his fame and cast all of his friends in the movies he was in, cast  John McEnroe in the movie so he could meet John McEnroe as far as I can tell and essentially became abusive of his fame, at this time doing it with Jack Nicholson in Anger Management and I am sure Nicholson needed money, or he wouldn't have been in this movie, but hey, I don't know their lives.Sandler sort of swerved us again though, and while 50 First Dates was similar to what he was doing and how he got Rob Schneider cast as an authentic Hawaiian, still a decently cute and enjoyable movie.  Sandler was a prick in it, but a likeable prick and did some things right.Directly after that we got hit with Spanglish, which was a breath of fresh air form his normal movies, and he was a lot more... uneasy in this role as far as I could tell.  He tried to put his Sandlerisms into effect, but they didn't take and it became a lot more of a real person movie and a lot less of a dumb movie.After a remake that wasn't necessary and a sequel to a movie that shouldn't have been made in the first place we land on Click, where he plays a guy who meets Death (played by Chris Walken, done really creepily well), and tries to fix his life, but realizes far too late that he can't.  I like this movie a lot and Sandler actually has one or two sparks in among his normal stupidity.Then we hit the big one for me, the movie that made me say "Hey guys, Adam Sandler is a good actor and he should still be making movies." in Reign Over Me.  Every notion he had of being Sandler was downplayed by the fact he was up against Don Cheadle and his actual role of mental deficiency in the movie was done so well that when he has his big monologue at the end I 100% had a allergic reaction and was crying because of my allergies.  I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it, but even thinking back on it now makes me think I have hay fever because I'm tearing up.  He had reached being a real actor and would continue to kick ass with such great movies as....You Don't Mess with the Zohan and I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry, which had a couple serious moments in it, and the camaraderie that fire fighters have is remarkable, but just fell flat with the addition of every one of his bros being in it (And Dan Akroyd, who sucked, but man do I love that crazy old guy).Before the big shit storm that is That's my Boy, Grown ups, and jack and Jill, we get Funny People, a movie where he plays a comedian that learns he's dying.  It's sort of a serious movie and he plays off Seth Rogen pretty well, but couldn't save him from the stupidity that ensued in his career.  Eric Bana was great in the movie though.After all those bad ones, and casting himself and all his bros again in Hotel Transylvania, it's sequel and the sequel to Grown Ups, he was in The Cobbler.  Not by any means an amazing movie, but decently different from the shit he's done as of late and I did enjoy it. I guess I'm just writing this because... I think he's a guy that gets a lot of flak for doing the same thing over and over again, but before people criticize and stone him for his choices, watch some of these movies.  He actually has talent and really can be a good actor when he chooses to.