Ballers - "Pilot"

Sports Entourage, the brand new show starring the Rock performed better than expected by actual being something I enjoyed. Sure it features the same fratboy fantasy lifestyle of naked chicks and copious amounts of substance abuse the made Entourage a success, but in just one episode Ballers shows a more adult understanding of the negative effects of living a completely hedonistic lifestyle than Entourage ever did.The difference between the Rock and VInnie Chase? The Rock makes this look good.Ballers really showcases the tough reality of being a pro athlete. Just because you have a $12 million dollar contract doesn't mean you have any idea what to so with that money. That's where the Rock comes in. He plays a former football player turned money manager and over the course of the episode he realizes that he should help his friends and other athletes avoid making the same mistakes that he did. As someone who is not interested in sports, I found this concept to be very interesting. The setting and idea of dealing with the world of pro athletes really seems like a fresh idea for a show and very timely. The idea of the Rock being the hero of the sports world, saving rookie players from getting swindled and spending all of their money on hookers and blow, sounds like a decent premise for the show."So Dwayne you're kind of like Batman, only you exclusively help rich idiots."The Rock was amazing as always and I got some laughs from Rob Corddry, but no one else in the cast really shone in the first episode. There weren't really any super memorable moments and one of the storylines, featuring a friend of the Rock's trying to find a job, was outright boring. Overall, I wasn't blown away, but I liked it enough that I will continue watching. The idea seems solid, and I can see at least one good season being produced.Can a Ballers/Children's Hospital crossover be far behind?