Star Wars Rebels - "Siege Of Lothal"

The second season of the Disney XD show starts off with a bang as the crew faces off against the big guy himself, Darth Vader.202_01_TEA220-1088x816-203845479618The show handles him as skillfully as they have dealt with other characters from the films . You really get a sense of just how dangerous he truly is. His strength and ability to use the force on the fly as showcased in a way that is bigger than we ever see in the films without feeling over the top or untrue to the character as we know him. He really feels as powerful as Anakin was in The Clone Wars Tv show which helps to underline the tragedy of just how twisted that good man has become. If you have only seen the prequels I implore you to watch the Clone Wars as it is the only place that Anakin is anything resembling how Obi Wan describes him in A New Hope. He is a brave and kind warrior, but you are still able to see the darkness in him and how he might fall without his friends to support him.Star-Wars-Rebels-Season-Two-46As for the main plot line, I wasn't overly enthralled. It was pretty standard Star Wars action fair and without Vader really would have felt like filler. We are given a setup for the status quo this season as the crew of the Ghost has joined up with the beginnings of the Rebel Alliance and are forced to leave their base planet of Lothal. There is some interesting tension between Hera and Kanan, as Kanan expresses his displeasure as being involved in a military unit. There is also a hint at a big plot line leftover from Clone Wars that I don't want to spoil but has me very excited.If this image means anything to you then you know what I'm talking aboutNot the best episode of Rebels but a good start to the season and a great version of Vader.