Jurassic World (2015)

Runtime: 124 minutesStarring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, VIncent D'Onofrio, Jake Johnson, BD WongPlot: Jurassic World is open, built around the remnants of the once magnificent Jurassic Park, and two young brothers are going to see their aunt.  What could go wrong?So for this review, we're going to do a group review of the movie that gross $208 million in it's first three days, extinguishing Marvels the Avengers for top weekend ever.  We'll see how it goes up against Star Wars when it comes out, but a feat nonetheless.  I (Patrick) will start off and then Steve, Tim and Zach can weigh in respectively if they so wish. There will be spoilers, but I mean... we all know what happens in this movie already, right?Patrick says: So motion running dinosaurs are so much less scary than normal speed running dinosaurs and the amount of bro that a man can have with a dinosaur should never be this high.Bro, that chick on your left is digging your vest bro.  Get it, digging?  cause I'm extinct bro.I sort of enjoyed this movie, but it's really tough for me, because there were 3 movies exactly like this before this.  Sure, movies get remade a lot and copied a lot, but these are the same title.  Realistically, you're going to see a movie with a dinosaur theme park, I bet you know what happens.... and it's not a kitchen fire, or things going smoothly. I had a lot of problems with the "indominus rex" because it's fake.  I know all the dinosaurs are fake, but a T-rex is a real dinosaur, this one is created by them and didn't really intimidate me.  None of the acting was particularly good, and despite my liking Chris Pratt, his character was dumb.  I love D'Onofrio, but his character was so dumb it wasn't even funny... dude wanted to sell velociraptors to the military because they're "the perfect weapon".  No bud, they're not.  They get killed pretty easy, just like everyone else, ALSO, a missile launcher would be the best weapon (Aside from a nuclear bomb), because the thing wouldn't even know where you are.  I know the movie made a lot of money cause kids love dinosaurs and parents wanna make their kids happy, but 208 million dollars to see this is a stretch to me. Mom. MOM! WHAT AM I?! Oh...I don't have a mom....The other 3 may have differing opinions, but I can't say as it was anything special, and the original trumps it 10 times out of 10. Zach says: I enjoyed the movie but really found it to be nothing special. Really did not connect to Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratts' storyline and I would have preferred to stay focused on the kids, both of whom I thought were great. The dino effects and fights were great, but everything in between felt pretty mediocre.I would say best sequel, but pales in comparison to the original.