Tomorrowland (2015)

tomorrowland-movie-logo1359645232_george-clooney-articleStarring:  George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt RobertsonPlotline:  Casey Newton has found a new home, but can she help save her own home before time is too late?!In the latest instalment of the "Disney ride/attraction" universe of movies, we have Tomorrowland.  Way better than the Haunted Mansion, but not really in the League of Pirates 1 at all.  That being said, there were a lot of things about this movie that were done really well.I love George Clooney, I want that to be known right off the bat.  I think he's a great actor and I was happy to see him in a decently mainstream movie that wasn't artsy, or Gravity (which I won't watch because it's terrifying to me).  Looking back at his movie history, the last movie that wasn't ominous, too far reaching, or difficult to get through was 2009's "Fantastic Mr. Fox", which wasn't really that great.  So it was a breath of fresh air to know he can be in something decently mindless.Britt Robertson, who was in "Dan in Real Life" with Steve Carell plays the main character and she's pretty okay, but she doesn't do anything to really draw me in.  I definitely thought they were going to take her down the "troubled girl with a lot of wrong life choices" route, but instead went with the "I'm a consummate good girl who breaks the law for only good purposes".  Not a poor choice, but it likely didn't grab too many people.Hugh Laurie plays the "villain", a dude named Nix who isn't so much a villain in the slightest as he's just... a dick.  I'll get into how so in a bit.So Casey (Robertson) is a technical wizard of some sort, and gets into trouble with the law when her father is about to lose his job as a NASA engineer, so she decides to use her fantastical brain for "good" by sabotaging the giant, dangerous machines that they're using the disassemble Cape Canaveral. From there she finds a pin in her stuff and is taken to the world off  Enamoured by this, she needs more, yearns for the feeling of wonderment again.  So she finds Frank Walker (Clooney), who plays a sullen old man who's crotchety and yet still super god damned handsome, to help her get back there.  The trailer shows almost the entire fight scene and escape from the robots sent for them, which sucks.When they get to tomorrowland, we meet Hugh Laurie and a land that isn't nearly as... thriving as Robertson believes it to be.  She finds out that the pin showed her a commercial that was made over 20 years ago and a lot has changed. We find out that tomorrowland is a world created by super genii who found tachyons and somethingsomethingsomething, which means they exist 3 days in the future.  My only real thing with this is... why would their world fall into shambles twenty years in the future if it was created by genii?  Wouldn't... Whatever, doesn't make much difference.The movie ends decently abruptly which, while not a bad thing as it's 2 hours long and I had to pee, but it was kinda frustrating when they put all this effort of an amazing buildup into a world that was different and better and amazing and... you don't see any of it.  The buildup to the final showdown of the movie was a solid hundred minutes, where as the showdown a final ten type thing.Knowing much of Brad Birds work as a director and writer, I was a little let down by this movie, knowing that his plots in Ratatouille and the Incredibles was done really well, and his directing in Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol (I don't think that there are two colons, but it looks funnier to me) was done better than really well in my opinion.  This just seemed to fall short of the ability that he has.  It may have been rushed, they likely wanted something to bridge the gap between Marvel movies, but I don't think they hit the points they should have.In a world where one of the biggest franchises of all time is based on a pirate ride I thought this would be a bigger movie, but just fell short to me.