Star Wars Comic Roundup

If you haven't been reading the new Star Wars books from Marvel, you are definitely missing out. Princess Leia wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but Kanan, Darth Vader and Star Wars are some of my favorite books right now so I figured that I would start reviewing them. This time around we have Darth Vader #6 and Star Wars #6.

Darth Vader #6

That emperor is such a cheery fellowThis book is absolutely crazy good, quite possibly my favorite Star Wars thing of all time. In this issue we get Vader fighting cyborg replacements that the Emperor has created, fleshing out of Vader and Palpatine's relationship and (SPOILERS) Vader learning that the pilot who blew up the Death Star is his son. (END SPOILERS) An absolute must read for Star Wars fans.

Star Wars #6

wars6Luke crosses paths with Boba Fett in a well paced and interesting fight that takes up most of this issue. Han is a scoundrel and we are introduced to his... wife!?! Fun but honestly felt a little like filler, especially compared to Vader.3/5