Community Season 6 (2015)

The cast circa Season SixThe sixth season of Community just ended and I unabashedly loved it. So rather than write a gushing review, I figured I'd do a few mini reviews of some of my favorite episodes from this season. 

community2Intro to Recycled Cinema

Easily one of the funniest episodes of Community ever, this episodes deals with Abed and the gang attempting to create a crappy movie starring Chang, who has recently become famous as a commercial actor. The catch is that they only have 30 seconds of footage featuring Chang and have to build a movie around that. The end result is hilarious and honestly kind of brilliant. My favorite of the season.


Basic RV Repair and Palmistry

The classic Community bottle episode combined with the classic Abed gimmick episode. The gang reveals truths about themselves, Abed and the Dean do some soul searching and flashbacks are hard. This is the kind of weird episode that can't really be summed up in 2 sentences that only community does and it's why I love this show. The ensemble really shines in episodes like these and it"s always nice to get deep into how Abed thinks.


Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television

Achieving the sort of self-awareness only a show that's been on the air for six seasons can have, the show mocks it's own format while developing Jeff and addressing the uncertain future of the show. The gang pitches their versions of what season seven will look like while reflecting on the past an fearing for the future. If this ends up being the series finale I would be very ok with that.