Christopher Lee: A Life In Pictures

This week we lost one of the most famous and amazing actors of all time guys.  93 years old and I still feel that he was too young.  I did another marathon for this amazing man, and I have to say that it is very difficult to pack all of his amazement into 24 hours when it SHOULD be 240 hours, but I did everything I could.  I also themed it as "iconic characters" that he played, so let's dive in and see if you guys enjoy my selections. 1.) The curse of Frankenstein (1957) The first time he played the monster of Frankenstein. He also got to play off of Peter Cushing, which is pretty awesome as well.  Minutes remaining: 1,3582.) The Horror of Dracula (1958) The first time he played Count Dracula, also against Peter Cushing.  Almost as if they do a lot of movies together.... Minutes Remaining: 1, 2763.) The Mummy (1959) The first time he plays the Egyptian monster, shockingly against Peter Cushing.  I'm seeing a fantastic trend here.  Minutes Remaining: 1,1904.) The face of Fu Manchu (1965) He plays Fu Manchu, which is a great character AND beard.  Also gets to act with the lovely Karin Dor, which is always a bonus in my eyes.  Minutes remaining: 1,1015.) The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970) I couldn't find a specific movie where he plays Sherlock, so I decided having him play the "smarter" brother in Mycroft wouldn't be a bad idea.  Minutes Remaining: 9766.) The Three Musketeers (1973)  He plays Rochefort against Raquel Welch, Richard Chamberlain, Oliver Reed AND Michael York.  This movie is, as well as awesome, so star studded it's not even funny.  Minutes Remaining: 8717.) The man with the Golden Gun (1974) While, in my humble opinion, he goes against the worst James Bond in Roger Moore, it IS one of Moore's better movies, so I cannot fault him in the slightest.  He plays the main villain, though often gets overshadowed by Nick Nack, the little man who kicks ass.  Minutes Remaining: 7468.) 1941 (1979) The Mel Brooks directed movie starring John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Ned Beatty and Tim Matheson isn't the best Brooks movie, probably not even top 5, but it's a pretty big thing to have someone like Christopher Lee in a movie like this, so I thought it important to put it in.  Minutes Remaining: 6289.) The Howling II Stirba - Werewolf Bitch (OR, ...Your sister is a Werewolf) (1985) I wasn't too keen to put this movie on here, not because it's a bad movie (which it kinda is), but because Lee doesn't play the iconic werewolf that universal brings forth.  But I thought it was close and wanted to complete the 4some.  (or 4 of 5 if you count the creature from the black lagoon, which is tough for most). Sybill Danning as Stirba is kind of a cool addition to it. Minute Remaining: 53710.) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings (2001) Some people would be upset that i put this movie on here and not any of the other 5 in the series that he's been a part of.  My answer to that is firstly, it's my list, so nyah nyah! Secondly, I felt that his role in this one was done the best and I mean... wizard fight against Gandalf the Grey?  How can you beat that?  Minutes Remaining: 32911.) Star Was episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)  Again, I know this isn't one of his better movies and many would agree the worst of the 6 Star Wars movies made thus far, but it was an important thing in movie history and he was a main part of it.  Also, I know his action scenes weren't exactly good, but the dude was 80 when this was put out, that's pretty awesome unto itself.  Minutes Remaining: 18712.) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) The Tim Burton directed Johnny Deppified remake of the classic fell pretty short to me, but it's really tough to match the acting of Gene Wilder guys.  It was also important for me to end on a note that was a little different from his other roles as well as being decently iconic.  His role of "Dr. Wonka" was kind of cool and he added a little more depth to the movie I felt.  Minutes Remaining: 72 As with the rest of my marathons, I did my best to leave time for the necessities/popcorn making.  I tried my best to get the whole spectrum of movies and I hope I did him justice.  Rest in Peace and thank you again for the amazing things you did for almost a century.