Mary Ellen Trainor: A Life In Movies

Mary Ellen Trainer died the other day, she was 64 years old and since I didn't know her I thought I would celebrate her life by giving you guys 24 hours of Trainer movie marathon.  I always find this the best way to give thanks to someone who has given their life in service to the world like actors/actresses do.For this marathon I went pseudo chronological, with a mini Marathon in the middle.  Was kinda fun to see and do, and know that there are 1,440 minutes in a day, so here we go:1. Romancing the Stone (1984)  Trainer joins Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in a comical romantic adventure through Colombia.  Good fun, aged surprisingly well. Minutes remaining: 1, 3342. The Goonies (1985) Mikey and the gang try to save their little part of Astoria, New York by going on a hunt for pirate One Eye'd Willie's treasure.  I love this movie, and often say Goonies never say die to this day.  People say nothing gold can stay?  Watch this movie.  GOLD.  Minutes remaining: 1,2203-6. "Mini" Lethal Weapon marathon (1987-1998) Riggs and Murtagh are never too old for this shit.  Except in Lethal Weapon 4 when they go up against Jet Li and have Chris Rock as a son in law... We're all too old for that shit. Total Minutes remaining: 7377. The Monster Squad (1987) A great movie from the 80's showing kids fighting Dracula and his gang of Universal monsters.  Best scene is a tie for when the kid shoots the werewolf and the werewolf turns human long enough to say thank you before dying, of the fat kid burns Draculas face with garlic on his leftover pizza that he keeps in his pocket so he can keep cultivating mass for when he really wants to put on that muscle.  Great scenes.  Minutes remaining: 6558. Die Hard (1988)  Do I need to discuss this movie?  Hans Gruber should have won, but John McClane should have won too... we're the real winners guys, the real winners. Minutes remaining: 5249. Scrooged (1988) Follows up the best Christmas movie of all time with another top ten Christmas movie.  Bill Murray is good, but Bobcat Goldthwait REALLY proves who is the more annoying comedian.  Minutes remaining: 42310. Ghostbusters II (1989) While not the first movie, the addition of Vigo the Carpathian and having Rick Moraines play a bit larger of a role, combined with the Statue of Liberty Nintendo scene makes this movie still pretty great. Minutes remaining:  315Here it got a bit tricky because she has two roles in movies that are uncredited, but I know she was in one for 100% fact, the other I didn't have time to watch, so I did:11. Back to the Future part II (1989) Marty travels to the far off year of 2015 (c'mon Mattel, we're counting on you) to save his kids!  I personally think this is the best of the trilogy as it introduced me to my earliest love Elizabeth Shue, AND proved that she looked hot at 17 AND 40!  Minutes remaining: 207BUT, you COULD go this way and say she was in:11. Forrest Gump (1994)  If you haven't seen this movie, stop reading this and watch this movie.  Tom Hanks crushes every single scene he's in and proves that he runs pretty well for a non action star.  I mean, he's no Tom Cruise, but pretty ok. Minutes remaining: 173I then did a sweet wind down to end my marathon with one of my favourite actors, as well as one of my least favourite actors:12. Executive Decision (1996) Kurt Russell (whom I love and want to meet really badly) plays off of Steven Seagal (who I think is literally a waste of human skin) and kicks some ass.  really bad movie, but nice wind down to a 24 hour marathon for me. Minutes remaining: (a) 74, OR (b) 40.I left in 74 because it gave me time for popcorn, peeing and showering off the stench of Steven Seagal.  I would very much like to say thank you to Mary Ellen Trainer for kicking ass and making it in some of the best movies I've ever seen.MV5BMTEyMzM3NDQyMjJeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDE4ODY0NjEx._V1_SX214_AL_