Bat Villains I Need To See In The Next Movie

The prospect of a new solo Batfilm looms heavy on the horizon, and the time has come to start talking potential villains (the time has come in the sense that I wrote this article). Rather than going back to the old standards, if like to see fresh blood in the mix. Guys like...

Professor_Pyg_0003Professor Pyg

A drugged out sicko, obsessed with mutilation and mind control, Pyg is a great example of a modern Batvillain. He is basically a maniac with a creepy design who spouts vaguely literary babble and he just feels like a perfect example of Gotham scum. He also has this weird aura of sexuality to him that I feel makes him unique to Bat-villains. Probably couldn't support a movie on his own, but I'd love him as a cold open or a henchman.


The Court of Owls

While I am not the biggest fan of the storyline in which they are introduced, I have to admit that the Court are compelling Bat-villains that I would like to see stick around for the long haul. A secret society that has ruled Gotham for generations and employs an undead army of assassins, the Court helps provide Gotham with a sense of mystery and danger while providing henchmen for Batman to beat up. Talons could be the next Ultron drones. Their role as an organization also makes it easy to pair them off with any other villain without stealing the spotlight.

Black_Mask_Arkhamverse_001Black Mask

Another guy with a really great design that I think would be look cool on screen, Black Mask is my go to Bat gangster. Basically just a crook with a gimmick to fit in, I think the rationality of Black Mask would make for a really interesting departure than the usual Arkham crew. The thought of a Batfleck vs Black Mask crime thriller makes me salivate.



There are many evil Batman analogues (Wrath, Dr. Hurt and Snyder's Batman) but none do it better than Prometheus. Though actually a Justice League villain, Prometheus is portrayed as a warped Batman whose criminal parents are killed in front of him. He can download any fighting style into his helmet and is more than a match for Bruce on that level. I'd like to see Prometheus as someone who is truly Batman's equal. It is fun to see Bruce outclassed, and in my mind Prometheus is more fun than Bane while essentially filling the same role.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!