With the newest Avengers movie safely in the books as a success, and the synopsis of the yet to come "Captain America: Civil War" being decently well known I thought I would also discuss all the things that happen in movies and how, until "Marvel: Civil War" discussed it, things just seem to flow away from disaster really far too easily.  Hollywood hasn't really hit anyone with the "clean up" movies because well... they're boring as hell I imagine.  That doesn't mean that it's not an important part of life though.  There's always got to be someone to clean up the mess after it's all said and done.  And seemingly no one is to blame for anything that happens, except in the Avengers.fight clubLet's take Fight Club for example.  The narrator and Marla look on as multiple buildings explode in the distance.  They hold hands and it's all very sweet, but I mean... dude just shot himself in the face before this happens, Meatloaf dies AND Project Mayhem is very flawed in the first place.  I mean, he's gonna have Marla around forever, but that seems not punishment enough, right?more like "T for Travesty of a movie" amiright?We get somewhat os a similar thing in an older movie as well, V for Vendetta.  V blows up parliament in England and everyone is seemingly happy, but he really just gives them a society where anarchy reigns and the people that he claims to help are probably all dead, injured or raped.  Come on V, think things through man.  Aside from the fact that he likely killed hundreds of people in the process, seems like that sucks.avengers I'm gonna throw in Avengers as well, solely for the fact that they did discuss is and it's an issue in the marvel universe, which is sweet.  Here's a picture that shows Robert Downey Jr. clearly got paid the most amount of money to be in this movie.mi6Next we get to James Bond, in his newest role, SkyFall.  Javier Bardem blows up Mi6, which is the most impregnable building in London apparently (which I mean... sure), but as a villain his punishment is just death.  Not that he didn't deserve to die, but not only did he kill likely hundreds, maybe thousands of people in this, but ALSO kills Judi Dench... make the guy pay a little before eh?img_5286Next we have the worst of the offenders in my opinion... the Fast and Furious franchise.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love these movies a lot, they're hilarious and Paul Walker (god rest his soul) had a boyish charm and killer smile, but that shouldn't cover all the amazingly bad things they have done.  Aside from the fact that they steal a car worth "$100 million" in coke money and then show their faces, throughout the series these "good guys" kill more people than... well, maybe not Hitler, but a lot of people guys.  In fast Five they somehow drag a multi tonne safe through the streets of Brazil, through buildings, leaving a trail of dead in their wake.I'm getting' too old for this sheeeeeeeeiiiiiiitttttIn the sixth, they blow up cars for seemingly 20 miles on a freeway with a tank, destroy the streets of London, have Brian infiltrate a prison only to break free... I mean, do we see somewhat of a trend here guys?really?In the seventh, and thus far latest instalment of the series, these assholes drive a car through the Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi and not only destroy the terracotta warriors that were apparently on loan from China I guess, but kill seemingly everyone else in these buildings, then go back "home" to L.A. where they clearly don't give a shit about anyone in their home because they blow up half the city there too!  These are the heroes we cheer for?!Yes, they are.  I'll be the first to admit it, that all of these things were awesome, but I just find it not only hard to believe, but really difficult to look past all of the things to the "happy ending".  The guys in the fast and furious franchise (can't say that one 10 times in a row) are also somehow not guilty AND heroes... but count off the places they can't go because they have killed off so many people, and how many mobsters and cops and killers they have pissed off... Tokyo, Los Angeles, Mexico, Brazil, Abu Dhabi, London at least!  Now they're apparently going to New York, I'm sure the good people of New York city would be just cool with Dom jumping his car through the empire state building, cause they love when buildings in their city are destroyed.  I just hope it's not released on 9/11 (sorry, I had to).I'm not saying I want to see a movie about the clean up after, I have, it's the world trade centre movie from 2006 with Nicholas Cage.  They're the real heroes of the day, which sucks because they have  zero credit... I just want some damned justice for the fast and furious idiots who destroy tens or hundreds of thousands of lives and are heroes!  I also forgot my point pretty quickly into this and kept typing, but it's still pretty funny and I mean... look at this Nick Cage picture!World-Trade-Center-2006I hope it was at least a funny read, because seriously, I'm tired and I'm gonna have a nap. Patrick out!late!