Game Of Thrones - "Dance With Dragons"

Let's just hop right in, shall we. Jon returns to the wall and has a brief moment of tension as Ser Alliser debates whether or not to open the gate for the young Lord Commander and all of the wildlings that he has brought with them. Alliser has been an interesting adversary for Jon, and I'm really enjoying how he is becoming more of a reluctant ally this season. Ollie stares at the wildlings with shifty eyes so you know he's up to something.shiftyStannis sends Ser Davros to the wall to ask for reinforcements from Jon Snow after Ramsay burns all his food and seige equipment. Davros and the princess have a lot of chemistry for being actors of such different ages. I'll just jump straight to the big Stannis scene of the episode, the burning of his daughter. That scene was rightfully hard to watch and in its own way was just as memorable as the white walker sequence from last episode.dance4We check in with Jamie in Dorn, some fun stuff but nothing too exciting, definitely felt more like filler than anything else this episode.So little happened in Dorn that I have to put a picture of the Red Woman hereArya abandons her crusade against the thin man on the docks as Ser Merryn Trant shows up in Bravos. Trant was basically Joffrey's hired monster so it's not surprising that he is on Arya's list. I've been waiting to see Trant die since the start of the series and it was nice to see Arya doing something central to the plot. Really enjoyed this part.arya-starkThe other scene I'm sure everyone will be talking about comes from Daenerys. The fighting put scene was awesome. I liked seeing all the different styles of fighting from the show pitted against each other. Interesting that Jorrah was completely outclassed by a water dancer. As the Sons of the Harpy spring their trap, it was nice to see Jorrah and Dany make peace. Of course, this leads into probably the best dragon sequence yet. Love that they are going big on the CG this year.This gritty live action How to Train Your Dragon reboot looks weirdGreat memorable episode 5/5