CSI Cyber (2015)

"My name is Avery Ryan. I was the victim of Cyber Crime." This line begins a monologue that starts every episode of CSI Cyber and it really gives you a clear understanding of exactly what the show is; a way to simultaneously teach old people about computers and terrify old people about hackers. And I loved it.Not the blue matrix, that's the worst one!The heart of Cyber is the cast: we have Patricia Arquette as the weirdly intense while being half asleep Avery Ryan, James Vanderbeek as the no-nonsense marine, the weird guy from Ghostbusters 2 as the old person who runs the cyber division but is mystified by computers, and Bow wow, Fat Neil from Community and an punk Asian girl who is only in like half of the episodes, as the young good guy hackers.Her motivationsThe episodes range from cases you could see an FBI cyber unit actually tackling, like a site selling phoney heart medicine, to cases that pretty much boil down to "murder while a computer was in the room." Patricia Arquette always lectures one of the bystanders about digital security while the person blubbers on, saying things like "I don't understand, all I did was click on an ad. How could they have accessed my computer?" These moments are plentiful and hilarious and you can just imagine the writers wagging their collectives fingers at the audience.Actual line from the showThe real appeal here is the fact that the show clings to a rigid structure, but that structure is absolutely silly and oftentimes headscratching in some of the choices that are made. At least once an episode, Bow, Fat Neil, and occasionally the punk girl, take a list of people and narrow it down by eliminating a group from the list. We get to marvel as a number on the screen gets progressively smaller. They also always use analogies like "Tracking a computer is like tagging an animal" or "your wifi password is as important as the lock on your front door" because old people can't understand computers without a folksy analogycyber4The Beek is amazing and I'm convinced he is playing the character as if the ridiculous version of him from Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 (a hidden gem) was cast in this role. I always feel like he is probably laughing after takes. I initially found Patricia Arquette boring, but Avery Ryan is just a weirdo and is honestly kind of a superhero so she won me over.Some episodes are more exciting than others, but if you are looking for a fun, dumb show I would definitely check it out. Also, Ted Danson is joining the cast next season.3/5Sidenote: All of the quote pictures were pulled from http://www.tv.com/shows/csi-cyber/community/post/csi-cyber-review-season-1-kidnapping-20-cmnd-crash-killer-en-route-142542924607/