Fury Road And The Future Of Big Summer Movies

Just got back from seeing Fury Road and wanted to get some things about it off my chest. This won't be a review so much as just talking about the movie in a larger context so I'll just say that I enjoyed the film very much.maxresdefaultRather than talking about the specifics or plot of the movie, I'd like to talk about the aspects of the film that I think have caused people to have such a strong reaction to it. The key lesson I think Hollywood needs to learn from the overwhelmingly positive critical reaction that Fury Road has received is that audiences are tired of cookie cutter Michael Bay style action movies. The tide is turning and even average movie-goers are ready to see something that feels new on the screen. Fury Road is full of memorable, fun and even gross moments. There is so much pure imagination on the screen, but the film does of great job of making sure the audience knows exactly what is going on, what everyone is doing and, most importantly, how what everyone is doing relates to one another. The movie is really just an example of textbook pacing and I honestly think this is what most people are responding to when they praise this film. CG action really needs people pushing the envelope in terms of choreography, rather than simply trying to have as many neat things happen on screen at once (I'm looking at you Michael Bay, Peter Jackson and, yes even you, Age of Ultron).FURY ROADPacing is one big part of Fury Road's success as a film, and I would say that the other reason has to do with the tone of the movie. Fury Road doesn't have any of the broad comedic beats that your average summer explosionfest usually would, but at the same time it isn't a grim joyless movie either. It's a movie that can't easily fit into a category or be summed up by a handful of buzzwords and that can be rare when you are talking about big budget summer action movies. Another recent movie that fits this category but didn't generate quite the buzz that Mad Max did is 2014's Dawn of The Planet of the Apes. Both are action movies that I would consider to be both artful and thoughtful will still delivering the cg spectacular that we expect from a summer movie. George Miller had a vision that he tried to bring to the screen, he wasn't just trying to make a movie to appeal to key demographics and increase brand recognition. Modern audiences are becoming savvy enough to know the difference.Fury-Road-Guitar-680x388The film is performing up to expectations at the box office, though it certainly isn't shattering and records, and has already passed its budget by $100 million worldwide. This also seems like the sort of film that will do extremely well on blu ray so hopefully it will be enough for Hollywood to take notice of how a big budget action movie should be made.Don't look so grim Dredd. Blu-ray sales got you a sequel... comic book