DC Post Convergence Reviews: Round 1 (Part 2)

Justice League #41

The Darkseid War: Part One

Johns and Fabok are really swinging for the fences with this one 

This was a really phenomenal issue. It's double-sized, is a great jumping on point for people who haven't read the book before and it really felt like a big-budget summer blockbuster starring the New Gods and the Justice League. Taking old favorites and making them popular is pretty much Johns' trademark (see: Green Lantern and Aquaman) and he seems to be giving that treatment to Mr. Miracle, which I am very ok with. Don't want to give anything away, so I'll just say that everyone who is even remotely interested in reading Justice League should definitely read this issue.


Lobo #7

This is Lobo now. Just to be clear, I don't like EVERYTHING that DC doesI hate this version of Lobo. Original Lobo was a parody of characters like Wolverine and most importantly he was fun. This guy is so grim. I think we're supposed to think he's cool because he sleeps around and has a casual attitude towards murder, but it's just boring. I'm sure there are people out there that would like but I am not one of them. If I hadn't been writing these reviews, i wouldn't have even finished the issue.1/5

Midnighter #1

Definitely my favorite cover

If Justice League is a summer blockbuster, Midnighter is the indie superhero movie that gets a lot of festival buzz. Action packed, inventive and touching all at the same time, Midnighter is Rorschach and James Bond mixed together with a touch of Batman. All he's gay and he used to date a guy who is basically Superman. This book is just awesome and requires no prior reading, even though it is a spin off of sorts form Grayson.5/5

The Omega Men #1

Another cool coverThis a revamp of a team that I have never heard of. In this version the Omega Men are a group of Freedom Fighters working against an alien empire. This was a good set-up issue and it's by Tom King, who also writes Grayson (a personal favorite), so I'll definitely check out the next issue. Not much to talk about here as this issue is mostly establishing the premise and characters and all of that is done well.4/5

Wonder Woman Annual #1

This art is so good. I'm sure the book must be good too, right?Like Lobo, this isn't a new creative team and there aren't any huge changes being made but I figured I'd review them both anyways. Decent issue, I think Meredith Finch has improved over this arc and her husband David is doing the best art I've ever seen from him. Not much to talk about here, pretty middle of the road stuff.3/5Wrap-Up: Overall I would say that I am pretty pleased with this first week. Gave out way more fives than I expected and the new books really feel fresh. I'm excited to see what next week brings.