Top 50 Protagonists: Part I

Hey guys, so I have read top 50 lists for the past 15 years of my life, these lists telling me the greatest good guys hollywood has to offer.  So I thought I would do my own, but I'll do it a bit differently than they do.  I plan to do MY top 50 and not THE top 50 for starters.  I want it to be a lot more of a personalized thing and I'll let you know why I think you should watch the movie that they're in to see if you agree with me, or not.  So, let's get started into it, here they are in no particular order! 1.) Marty Mcfly, from The Back to the Future trilogy.  He plays the consummate good guy throughout, and perseveres as he travels through time on three separate occasions.  He meets his dad at the same age he is, meets Doc Brown approximately 14 times, always with crazy ass hair, he very politely shuts down him mom from seducing him in his grandfathers car.  If this guy isn't a stand up guy, I don't know who is.2.) Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China.  You want a confident loser who somehow finds a way to kick ass and get the girl while at the same time you're super curious as to how he did it?  This is the guy for you.  My all time favourite movie, it boasts Burton as the most arrogant, ignorant and possibly mentally unstable hero to me.  His one liners blow me away, his fumbling success is cheeky and fantastic.  Love it.3.) Corbin Dallas from The Fifth Element.  To me, it's the best single use sic-fi movie out there, including Blade Runner, so why would I know include the hero from it?  He used to be in the military, now drives a space cab.  He's smart, tough, a jerk and at the same time pretty damned sweet to the girl.  Despite the fact that I love him, I would say his ability for one liners isn't quite as good as....4.) Detective John McClane from the Die Hard...pentology? I don't know what word to use, but there were five of them... four if you don't count the super shitty fifth one.  But McClane gives some damn good one liners, has some awesome tough guy moments and plays off of one of the best villains of all time (I'll get there later).  I mean... Die Hard is probably one of the best action movies ever, McClane is a huge reason why.5.) Indiana Jones, the Indiana Jones quadrology.  If you haven't seen an Indy movie, get out from under that rock and go to a blockbuster... wait, that's not right.  Call me, I'll lend it to you like a blockbuster.  He has the lines, he has the looks, he has the... University degree in archaeology?  Yeah, let's roll with that too!  One of the most notable action sequences in movie history when he shoots the guy who is brandishing a sword and showing his sweet moves... I mean... It's Indiana Jones guy!6.) The Ghostbusters, The Ghostbusters.  I couldn't pick just one because Venkman isn't the best part of the team, it's the whole team acting as one that makes it great.  They save New York twice while wearing overalls and nuclear packs strapped to their backs.  They have the tools, they have the talent.  Enough said.7.) Buzz Lightyear in The Toy Story series.  It's a cartoon yes, but that doesn't matter, Buzz is always positives, he saves the girls, saves the guys and overcomes, in his mind, the biggest shock of all, realizing that he's a child plaything.  To infinity and beyond indeed.8.) Batman from Batman in numerous Batman things.  He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.  Harvey Dent said it best, and Batman repeated it while having bronchitis, "You die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the enemy".  I wonder how long until the world sees him as an enemy after 80 years so far...9.) Johnny Utah, Point Break.  Keanu rocks this role, pitted against Patrick Swayze fresh of his hype from Road House guys, that's talent right there.  I would probably say that this is the only movie I had seen Keanu show emotion in until I saw hardball, so that enough makes me want to shoot my gun into the air and go "ahhhh!"10.) Frank Bannister from The Frighteners.  I know a lot of people don't like this movie, but I don't understand why.  Michael J Fox kicks ass as the guy who can see ghosts and cons people into giving him money.  He has a little bit of comedy, and considering this was one of his last real life movies before his pseudo retirement because of his Parkinsons disease.  And to play off of Chi McBride, John Astin AND Jake Busey while doing so?  I love this character and hope people start to see it for the amazing movie that it is. Coming soon:  Part two, but you know who won't be on it?  Charlie Sheen, cause that guy sucks.