Pretty Little Liars - "Game On, Charles."

I think I'm gonna have to start this one off with some explaining. This will be a spoiler filled review, but if you are someone who has never watched the show and has no intention of watching it I've tried to make this review readable and interesting for you as well. This is a show that I only started watching full time around the start of the fifth season. So if you are a hardcore fan, I apologize for any references to earlier seasons I might have missed.If you have never watched the show here is a brief overview. Four friends lives are torn apart after a mysterious figure calling themselves "A" starts torturing them after the apparent death of their friend Ali. The girls are: Spencer (The Smart One), Emily (The Responsible One), Hannah (The Fun One), and Aria (The One I Don't Care For). The girls try to deal with A, figure out what happened to Ali and deal with being High School girls. At least that's how the show started. Find out more after the jump.Left-to-right: Arya, Emily, Hannah, SpencerThe episode starts with a scene we saw in last season's finale, but from a different perspective. The girls have been captured by "A", who they now believe to be a man named Charles, and have been brought to an underground compound completely controlled by him. The girls are attempting to escape the compound after blowing the electricity, all of which we saw last season. What was didn't see was that there was another girl watching them from an open cell. Spooky!Now that we got the story stuff out of the way we can get down to the important stuff; like who looked best in their dress. The obvious winner is Emily, to the point that the other girls should have been mad at the costume department.pretty-little-liars-season-5-finale-dresses-mainThe escape attempt fails and the girls, along with their frenemy Mona are forced to sleep outside, in the rain. The next morning they wake up, with perfect hair, and are let back inside by ChArles. They are immediately gassed and wake up naked on metal tables in what appears to be a morgue. Tough to choose a best dressed when the outfits are identical hospital blankets so we'll call this one a draw. The girls are let back into their rooms and as the doors close as we hear the girls scream in absolute terror. What happened? Demons? Torture? The cast of Ravenswood? Only time will tell.Ravenswood was the spinoff of Pretty Little Liars that was 100% about ghosts.We next flash forward 3 weeks where we see the girls friend Ali, who is very much not dead. She actually faked her death to get away from A and has been a regular since season 5. The show actually tricked me here. I thought the characters were being stupid, as Ali plans to trick A into coming after her by pretending to send the police away. Ali is who ChArles is really obsessed with, so they reason that they will come after her. But Rosewood PD are world renowned for being just the absolute worst people to rely on in any given situation so it seemed dumb that Ali would trust them. But Ali actually tricks the police into looking elsewhere while she goes off with the dynamic duo, Ezra and Caleb. They are Aria and Hannah's respective main squeezes and both are pretty ballin. Caleb is even a master of ghosts (Ravenswood Counts!).Ali, queen of liars, and her dad, king of minor one-note charactersThe girls are finally let out of the room and are dressed in the clothes they were wearing the night Ali "died". A surprise win from Aria here, looking very cute in her punk outfit. Spencer, on the ball as always, deduces that ChArles and Ali are related. The girls break into the vault with all of ChArles most treasured objects and he is forced to choose between saving his stuff and catching Ali, who has allowed herself to be lured by A in and attempt to find the girls. It was fun to see A with his back against the wall and nice to see the girls get a win.ChArles' favorite movie. Eh, I still think Dark Knight is better.Ali and the boys follow the smoke and free the girls. The police also find the other girl Sara Harvey, who disappeared around the same time as Ali. Dun dun dun. Should it be SArA HArvey? Only time would tell. (Probably not even if she is A. It just looks like my cap locks is broken)Overall pretty solid episode. Won't do a number rating, since this show borders on being a guilty pleasure. Hope you enjoyed the review. Next week should be shorter and less explainy.If you watch the show comment and tell me your favorite part. If you didn't watch it, still tell me your favorite part.