Supergirl Pilot (2015)

The pilot for the new superhero show from the creators of Arrow and Flash has leaked and guess who saw it? No, it wasn't Genghis Kahn. Nope, it wasn't Albert Einstein either. I'll give you one more guess. Barney? What, like the dinosaur? Or the Simpsons character or the How I Met Your Mother Guy... I need more specifics. You know what, I'll just tell you or we'll be here all day. It was me and I even wrote a review about it.Supergirl_by_JPRartSupergirl stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El aka Kara Danvers aka Supergirl and I want to start by saying that she is simply wonderful in the role. She's charming, adorable and badass all in one which makes her the perfect Supergirl. Honestly, this pilot sold me on the show just based on the strength of her performance. I also really enjoyed Mechad Brooks as a grown up Jimmy Olsen and the show does a great job of giving us a sense of what Superman means to the world. In 42 minutes this shows a stronger grasp on what makes Superman a great character than all of Man of Steel. And Clark wasn't even in this episode!SGHeadLR_54fa0da2bf2258.60439665I enjoyed the first half of the episode, which focuses on Kara saving her adopted sister from a plane crash and choosing to reveal herself to the world, very much. The effects are great and the tone is pitch perfect. The pilot does a great job of showcasing how Kara is different from Superman in personality while still using iconic ideas and visuals that we associate with Superman.supergirl21The second half was a bit of a snoozer by comparison. Here we are introduced to what will presumably make up the main story of the first season; when Supergirl crashed on Earth she unknowingly brought a Kryptonian prison full of alien criminals with her. She partners with the Department of Extranormal Affairs (DEO) and attempts to be a hero by helping to bring every alien to justice. The alien in question this week is a guy named Vartox, who is surly and has an axe. The set-up for the season was fine, but the villain this episode was really boring. It wasn't enough to ruin to pilot for me, but I definitely was not as invested in the monster fight as I was Kara learning to be a superhero and dealing with her personal fight, and I'd like to see the show achieve a better balance between action and character development. The villain of the week should not be the most boring part of an episode, but I understand that they also had to juggle Kara's origin this episode so I can understand why the villain is a bit underdeveloped.supergirl-flyI will definitely be checking out the show and give the pilot a 4/5.What do you think? Does Supergirl interest you? Do you think she has supercooties? Please let me know in the comments. Or don't, whatever (Please Do)