Game Of Thrones - "Hardhome"

I realize that it is super late in the game to start reviewing to new episodes of Game Of Thrones, but really what currently running show is more fun to talk about than GoT?Fair warning: this is going to be a SPOILER HEAVY REVIEW. It begins below the rad 90`s White Walker.White-WalkerAs we saw last episode Daenerys had just met everybody's favorite imp Tyrion Lannister. This episode jumps right back to them, as we see Tyrion being forced to use those accomplished diplomacy skills as he attempts to prove his worth to the Mother of Dragons. I enjoyed the scenes between the two of them a lot, and it was interesting to see Daenerys being reminded of the harsh realities of what it will take to actually win the iron throne. Tyrion's new suicidal nature actually seems to help win over Dany and it made me happy to see Tyrion somewhere that he belonged and was appreciated, at least for across the Narrow Sea, we have Jorrah and Arya. Jorrah is banished from Mereen and immediately returns to the fighting pits to earn the right to fight for Daenerys. Jorrah is completely unhinged at this point and there is a real sense of unpredictability in his storyline and I'm both excited and worried to find out what is going to happen to him.I could say the same thing about Arya, who is in a similarly transitory state as she continues her training to serve the red god. Jaqen is the perfect blend of intense of eerie and it's fun to see Maisie Williams playing a bright and cheery girl, even if it is all pretend. I think I am ready for this storyline to progress though, so hopefully we get some more developments before the season is in Westeros, things continue to go badly for Cersei. She has been arrested by the High Sparrow and is awaiting trial. I really enjoyed the moment when Cersei sucked filthy water off of the floor because she was so thirsty; it was a moment to really encapsulates her character. Cersei will do whatever it takes to survive, no matter how she has to debase herself. I also enjoy being in a position where I am able to root for Cersei.Sansa-and-Theon-or-Reek-or-whatever-in-Winterfell-Official-HBOSansa has a brief but powerful scene where she confronts Theon/Reek about his betrayal of her to Ramsey. Wonderful acting from both sides, but my hat is truly off the Theon in this scene. Even a wretched monster like Reek can still break my heart with lines like "I deserved it." Every time I decide to give up hope on Reek the show gives me a little hint that Theon is still in there. Really enjoyed the cold, unforgiving Sansa as well. I wonder if she realized Reek would respond better to a stern figure than a loving one, she is Littlefinger's pupil in the ways of manipulation after all.Game-of-Thrones-Hardhome-71Of course, the big thing to talk about this episode was the ending with Jon Snow in the north as the Long Night grows closer and the army of the dead attacks the wildlings. Not much to say beyond the fact that this was a truly amazing action sequence and is absolutely worth every single bit of buildup the white walkers have had since the start of the show. Even if you don't watch the show I recommend finding a way to watch this sequence. Think Army of Darkness with an unlimited budget. Even beyond just being an amazing piece of action, this shows us clearly something that we had only been told so far; the Game of Thrones means nothing and all that matters is defeating the White Walkers and their army of the dead. After last night. it seems like a pretty impossible task.Overall the episode gets a 5/5, though without that ending it was a low 4.What did you all think of the episode? Did I miss anything important? Will Rickon sit on the Iron Throne? Let us know in the comments!