Between (2015)

I'm a big fan of TV series that are based around a central mystery. Lost is one of my favorite TV shows of all time, and the Leftovers on HBO is one of my current favorites; both shows started with a central mystery, crazy magic island and a large portion of the population disappearing respectively. While the mystery isn't always resolved in a completely satisfying way (even I can admit Lost wasn't perfect) I love solving a mystery along with the characters and it's a good way to quickly get me invested in a show. I even like the show Pretty Little Liars, even for its numerous flaws, because it has a compelling central mystery.Between1Netflix's new series Between is my new mystery obsession. The series has only aired two out of its five episodes and Netflix is changing their usual binge watching style by releasing one episode every week. The series is set in the town of Pretty Lake, where a virus is spreading that kills anyone over the age of 22. After the government quarantines the town, the survivors are left to figure out how to move on and discover what has happened to their city. The result is a modern take on "Lord of the Flies" that so far I have found very engaging. The standout performance so far comes from Jennette Mccurdy of ICarly and brief adult video fame. This girl is gonna be a star, if she can just stop filming herself in compromising situations.between2I'm going to refrain from a rating since the show is still airing, and instead just say that Between comes out on Thursdays and that it is definitely worth watching.