4 Differences I Want To See Between The Marvel And DC Movies

The Marvel movies have been an amazing thing to be around for. The whole concept of a shared superhero universe on the big screen was such an unimaginable concept even 15 years ago, and now superhero movies are a summer mainstay. The Marvel movies will forever have my respect for bringing superhero movies to the public and for bringing a standard of quality to superhero movies that simply did not exist before.I'm still ready for the DC movies to completely blow them out of the water. Nothing personal, Marvel just doesn't have Batman or Superman and they never will. I'm an unashamed DC fanboy and as such, I'd like to list some differences I'd like to see when the DC cinematic universe comes to to proper start (I try to forget about Man of Steel as much as possible). Hopefully you're reading this Zack Snyder, you've got your work cut out for you.dc11. SHARED UniverseAs much as the Marvel movies pioneered this concept, superhero movies still have a long way to go is this regard. Each non-avengers film still feels very separate from each other, apart from the occasional cameo (ex. Banner in Iron Man 3 or Cap in Thor 2). Even small cameos, like the one Batfleck is apparently shooting for Suicide Squad, help a universe feel cohesive. I understand the logistical problems of getting a big star to do a 5 minute cameo and my solution to this is also my second point...dc32. Stop killing Villains!This was a problem with supehero movies long before Iron Man 1 was even a twinkle in Kevin Feige's eye, but it has to stop. The whole appeal of a superhero universe is that any of your favorites can show up in any book and that's tough to do if you keep killing all of your new characters. One hero franchise can introduce multiple villains and while the main villains are usually bigger actors, a higher quantity of villains means a bigger cameo pool. And keeping characters alive, especially at the beginning, really helps to flesh out a universe. I understand that in action movies, the bad guy usually dies, but this convention really never should have been applied to superhero movies.dc23. Don't copy the Avengers FormulaI am really hoping that the movies feel cohesive in the sense that there are lots of characters appearing across lots of different films, but I do not want the films to lead into Justice League in the same way the Marvel phases lead into Avengers through the connecting thread of the Infinity Gems. I want to solo films to showcase what makes each character so amazing on their own by allowing the filmmakers to use any element from the DC universe, without having to tie it all to Darkseid or Brainiac or whoever the Justice League villain will be. The plot of every Marvel movie has started to feel similar as the hero has to stop the big bad from using an alien super weapon that is secretly an Infinity Gem (looking at you Thor 1 and 2, Cap 1, Avengers 1 and 2, Guardians). Making an effort to make each solo film feel separate will help give the DC movies a different tone.dc44. Go Full MultiverseI'm not saying right off the bat, but I want to see the multiverse on screen. Crime Syndicate, CWverse, Gotham by Gaslight, I don't care! Just as long as it's an alternate earth I'll be happy. On paper this might seem like a longshot, but the multiverse is so tied into DC's mythology that we actually might see it. To use this example to make a larger point, I'd like the DC universe to more fully embrace the ridiculousness of its universe. I want a superhero headquarters orbiting the earth, gods who are the literal embodiment of good and evil and a king of Atlantis. As Tim noted in his Nolanverse retrospective, I want superheroes to feel super.Follow my advice Zack, I give it freely.