Pitch Perfect 2: The Pitchening (2015)

th Starring:  Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Joe Lo Truglio, Reggie Watts, Keegan-Michael Kay, Elizabeth BanksPlotline: The Barden Bellas have a couple speed bumps on the road to the world championships of a capella... Seriously, that's it.Review.  When I was asked if I wanted to go see this movie I had two thoughts enter my brain.  The first being "I have to work tomorrow, I dunno" and the second being "I haven't seen the first one, so I imagine I will be lost throughout the entirety of this movie".  The friend I went to see it with told me that it likely wouldn't make a difference towards the movie, to which I must admit... she was wrong.  Every character is a spill over from the first movie and I didn't know any of them in the slightest.  It was very confusing to go into a movie that isn't really in my wheelhouse and to know nothing about it ahead of time, other than the fact that Rebel Wilson, who plays the "ever loveable" fat Amy character, isn't funny to me in the slightest.That being said, it's not a bad movie and had a decent amount of laughs through it, a lot of sexism from John Michael Higgins, which in todays society, shouldn't have been funny in the slightest, but I definitely found a lot of girls laughing at it more than the guys, which is offensi... that's not the right word, hilarious is the right word.  Also a surprising amount of racism, which I found funny because it's a rare thing to have movies that are just thrown into being controversial while at the same time being mundane.  Refreshing to me.The plot of the movie is pretty thin, and as many of the characters are reprising their roles from the first movie, I would have thought that there would have been some more character struggles from everyone, and not just Beca, played by Anna Kendrick.  That being said, her struggle is also super shitty to be honest.  Her struggle is that she is graduating University and trying to plan out her life after the Bellas, while not telling her sorority sisters because she is afraid of how they'll react.  Which is... so beyond stupid to me that it hurts.  "Oh, hey, you're planning your future and it involves doing things outside of being in this a cappella group?  You bitch!"Then we move onto Rebel Wilson, who is just an annoying, stupid Australian who can't really get me to like her because I can't imagine that she was a character in not only one, but two movies.  Very frustrating to me that someone got paid to do this.The main antagonists in the movie are the German a cappella supergroup known as the... German Sound Machine, or Kroutsound suppressors, or something (probably not the latter), and I also get frustrated with how the Germans are always the bad guys in the movies, because Germany is a rich in history country that doesn't deserve to get shit on as much as it does... if anyone, make Belarus the villains, those assholes.The movie ends with the Bellas winning the world championships in a single round robin style match, despite the fact that they didn't deserve it.  The German team was better, period.I mean... if you liked the first one a lot, of are secretly in love with a cappella (nerd), or Anna Kendrick (guilty), go see it, but I wouldn't be super stoked on it, because nothing was done particularly well, even though I mostly enjoyed it.