Convergence (2015)

DC comics' newest Multiverse spanning event just ended on Wednesday, and even the Bat-God himself couldn't stop me from posting a review.convergence_1200x929Convergence deals with the giant multiversal Brainiac that was first introduced in the pages of Superman: Doomed and the weekly series Future's End. We learn that Brainiac has collected cities from across the DC multiverse and placed them all in domes on an intelligent planet named Telos (who is also the guy in purple that is about to stomp the Justice Society up there). After Brainiac's defeat in Future's End, Telos decides to fulfill his dead master's wishes by pitting all of the different cities against each other in a great contest. Phew, just call me Exposition Man.dc-convergenceThe first word that comes to mind when I think about this storyline is small, which is a weird way to describe an event spanning DC's entire history. But the main book itself focuses almost entirely on the Earth 2 crew arriving on and then speaking to Telos (syntax gets tough when sentient planets get involved). As the series progresses, the other cities start to get involved but the book really does feel like a epilogue to Earth 2: World's End. I guess the book had to focus on someone, but I never would have guessed that the someone would be Earth 2 Dick Grayson. The contests between cities are dealt with in the tie in books where you get match ups like "Robinson JLA vs. Flashpoint Aquaman" or "Ostrander Suicide Squad vs Kingdom Come Green Lantern". The tie-ins vary in quality but are generally more interesting than the main book. harley-quinn-1-123113

Harley vs. the always welcome Captain Carrot embodies the tie-ins.Old favorites vs. the weirdest the DC Multiverse has to offer

The series is cowritten by Tom King and Scott Lobdell. King is a relative newcomer to comics, whereas Lobdell has been around forever and is, in my opinion, the worst writer currently working for DC. Totally justified slams aside, this doesn't feel much like a Lobdell book. King writes dialogue and superhero action well and the art is acceptable, if a bit workmanlike. The only thing in the book that truly screams Lobdell to me is the fact that his awful Watcher ripoff "Oracle" shows up, but since he pretty much showed up to die I'll let it slide. Telos ends up being a pretty fun character but the surprise villain of the piece was a bit underwhelming for me. It's a different character, who I am admittedly not very familiar with, but it still seemed like a lame twist.


Oracle, pictured here being just the worst

The biggest problem that I have with Convergence is the same problem that I have with most event comics; nothing important happens for the first half of the story. Things start getting interesting around issue 6, and as a result it really ends up feeling like filler. Definitely worth reading if you are a big DC comics fan, as some mysteries are cleared up regarding running plot lines from the new 52, and a new version of the multiverse is introduced. Based solely on its merits as a story I can't really recommend it I give it a 2/5.