Last Days On Mars (2013)

I don’t know about you, hypothetical person reading this, but I remember a time when I used to love zombies. From Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake right up until the first season of The Walking Dead, no horror concept was more likely to get me excited than a good old fashioned zombie apocalypse. But right around the point of zombie media critical mass, the concept just started to feel stale to me. I suppose you can only run through so many abandoned cityscapes and switch up fast vs slow zombies so many times before it all sort of blends together.I think it’s telling that most zombie media that has been coming out recently has involved some sort of twist on traditional zombie stables. Warm Bodies was Romeo and Juliet with Zombies, Maggie is Arnie with a Zombie daughter and a third example probably exists. Regardless of any intellectual laziness, Last Days on Mars is another entry into this trend as it puts Zombies on....  Mars!the-last-days-on-mars-watermarkedLiev Schreiber plays our hero, who is part of the second mars expedition team in the near future. The crew is set to go home in 19 hours after a 6 month long mission, when one of the scientists in wittingly exposed to a hostile alien bacteria and puts the whole team in jeopardy. Scientists? Am I right? Who needs em, always losing sight of safety for PERSONAL GLORY! One could probably do a pretty hefty research paper about how sci-fi horror as a genre is really a scathing inditement of modern academia, either scientists are heroes or crazy power-hungry lunatics. As you might be able to tell by my rambling there isn’t really much to talk about with this movie. The new setting of Mars adds some fresh air to the usual zombie motifs, and Liev Screiber is great in the movie.  Still around three quarters of the way through I found myself getting bored. Even with the fresh coat of paint it’s pretty much a conventional zombie movie. Still worth watching, but not the classic I initially thought it might be.A solid 3/5