Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Starring: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, The rest of AustraliaPlot: Max helps women cross the desert that is the world.Review:  This is a pretty good movie.  I wouldn't say its an amazing movie, or that it's the best movie of the year, or anything like crazy like a lot of people have said.  It's a well done revision into the world of Mad Max, written and directed by the same guy that did that other three Max Mad movies.  Am I sad that this doesn't have Tina Turner?  Sure am, but we move forward with our lives nonetheless. Am I sad that there are like...9,000 Australians in a movie at the same time?  Sure am, but that is only to bug my friend Jeremy, whose mom is from Australia and I call him a thief all the time.Tom Hardy plays the Mel Gibson role pretty well, but he's always way more intimidating than Gibson is to me...Gibson was always kinda kooky and crazy (remember that Riggs scene in Lethal Weapon where he does that crazy thing?), but Hardy I think would definitely survive the apocalypse and definitely fuck some dudes up REALLY badly.  Charlize Theron plays... something something Infuriosa, who's a "war machine" driver, which means she drives a trucks that they glued spikes onto, it's like bedazzling for the very angry.  She looks really great in this movie, and you find out she only has one arm... still looks really great.I really like that it's dubbed the best action movie of the year, that moniker I can give it, because the only scenes where there aren't action last about 12 of the 120 minutes that span the movie, that's a really great thing.  Which is probably why it's toted as the best movie of the year, because it gives exactly what one would expect from the trailer, very little talking, very much killing.A couple scenes stand out, obviously the guy with the guitar that spews fire is super cool, but it was the awkward and really gross scenes that make me glad I would probably die before the apocalypse got to that point.  There's one scene where 5 very large women are sitting down with suction cups on their chests and are literally being drained of breasts milk to feed to people.  I almost puked in my seat, that was gross as all get out.George Miller knows what he's doing in the fourth instalment of the Mad Max series, especially when he says there is no definitive timeline to them and that they could all happen at any time in the series.  A non linear series is really fun and makes watching it more exciting to me.  He hit all elements really well and I am already stoked for "Mad Max 5:  Kiwi Killer".  See this movie if you love you some action, or Tom Hardy. Patrick out