A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Wait, that's not right.  This website was an idea that I had with my friend Zach while working on a Friday night - a little spark of a nothin' if you will. I said to myself, "Hey, we could make a website a real thing since we both like a lot of the same things! I mean... why not?". The wheels started turning and I started looking at options. "Man, there's two of us and that's the perfect number to tango", I said to myself. I quickly redid the math in my mind and in still finding it to be the right number to tango, the Yetis Without Borders team was born.  We discussed a name for the website and landed on this one because it's different and fun.

Later on, my brother Tim joined the team to add more perspectives and views to our cause. We thought it would be a nice place for the three of us to get together and write about whatever really - movies and music, TV and literature, pop culture and food. We all sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and make sure to tell your friends about us!

- Patrick